Cinque Terre Guide English Edition

Cinque Terre Guide - English Edition

Eight years after I first wrote and published a travel guide to Cinque Terre, it is finally available in the English language. 

Having travelled to Cinque Terre many times and updated the guide for several times, my latest edition has now been translated into the English language.

Going back to Cinque Terre

My very first encounter with Cinque Terre was back in 2007, when I was on a day trip from another part of Liguria. There weren't nearly as many tourists there at the time, compared to nowadays.

When I wanted to return solo travelling some years later to explore the area further, I realized how challenging it was to plan a trip to Cinque Terre on my own. There was little information to be found on how to travel around the area, where to stay and where to find more information and tips.

The first edition of the Cinque Terre Guide 

So, I decided to visit Cinque Terre in search of the information I could not find online and to later share my knowledge with my readers on my travel blog. I stayed in several of the small villages, talked to the locals and got lots of good tips and advice along the way.

Returning home, I had so much information to share. That’s when I got the idea to write and self-publish my first travel guide.

8 years later - Cinque Terre Guide in English

Since then, I have been back in Cinque Terre several times. I have published six revised editions of the Norwegian e-book as updates have been needed. This latest version has been reviewed and updated in 2024, after my previous visit just recently. 

I hope the travel guide can give you a quick and easy introduction to the area, as well as provide you with the advice and tips you need to plan your own trip to Cinque Terre. I have a focus on sustainable travel in all my writing, and that is also evident in this guidebook. 

A guide with curated travel tips

In this guide, which I've called "Cinque Terre: A Quick Guide for First-Timers", I share selected tips for hiking trails. You'll get some brief information about the five villages, tips on sights, accommodation, and places to eat, as well as some insight into local food, wine, and culture.

You'll also find tips on the more unknown aspects of Cinque Terre, such as lesser known hamlets to visit and areas outside the national park. I've also included a separate section about Levanto and surroundings.

Enjoy planning your trip to wonderful Cinque Terre and I hope you find my travel guide helpful. Happy travelling! Mette

Excerpt from Cinque Terre: A Quick Guide for First-Timers by Mette S. Fjeldheim

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