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Cinque Terre Travel Guide

Cinque Terre Travel Guide

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Cinque Terre: A Quick Guide for First-Timers offer all you need to know for a visit to Cinque Terre National Park and its five villages in Liguria. 2024 edition. 

In this e-book I have collected and curated my best travel tips for the area, having travelled there several times for years. I have a particular emphasis on sustainable travel and best time to visit due to issues related to overtourism. 

You will find tips for hiking trails, accommodation, sights, wine tastings and places to eat. You'll get some brief info about the five villages, as well as some insight into local food, wine, and culture.

The e-book includes link to a curated Google Map of places mentioned in the guide.

Words from a reader 

"Just want to say thank you so much for the great help of your book on our trip to Cinque Terre! We followed so much of your advice in terms of choosing the route between towns, restaurants and ways of travelling. The book was a great help for a "first time traveller". Have already recommended it to others."

- Susanne

Helpful advice and information

You'll also find tips on the lesser known aspects of Cinque Terre, such as other hamlets to visit and areas outside the national park. There is a separate chapter with a special focus on Levanto.

I hope the travel guide can give you a quick and easy introduction to the area, as well as provide you with the advice and tips you need to plan your own trip to Cinque Terre.

Who will benefit from this e-book - and who will not?

This is a product for you if you

✅ are planning a trip to Cinque Terre

✅ look for recommendations on accommodation, restaurant, hikes and sights 

✅ want to know a little about local culture, food and wine, as well as more practical information before your visit

✅ do not wish to spend hours and hours doing research online 

This is NOT a product for you if you 

❌ want a paper edition of the book. This guide is e-book only.

❌ want a guide to Cinque Terre in the Norwegian language. In that case, you want THIS edition

Technical information about the e-book

Cinque Terre: A Quick Guide for First-Timers is 109 pages, text only. It is a product of personal research on site, interviews with locals and several travels to Cinque Terre-area.

The original Norwegian e-book was first published in 2016 (in Norwegian) and has been updated and revised several times over the years. This is the first edition in the English language - based on the 6th edition of Cinque Terre på 1-2-3. 

✅ Created as an e-pub file and can be read it on your smart phone, iPad or other digital reading devices.

✅ You can change font sizes and preferred background. The text and tips includes lots of links to help you book accommodation, wine tastings, restaurants and more.

✅ Includes internal links to help navigate easily when you travel and want to look up specific topics.

✅ Also, you will find links to selected images of the area

You may read an excerpt of the book here

Copyright: The e-book may only be downloaded once and you are not allowed to share the file

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