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With more than 20 years' background in the publishing industry and over ten years' experience as a professional travel writer, I have developed my own portfolio of digital products.

My first e-book was published in 2016. This is still the bestseller, constantly updated to be just as relevant for ever new traveling readers. This has just been lauched in the English language. Find it here

As of now, most of my e-books are only available in the Norwegian language, but that may change in the near future.

My entrepreneurial journey

I founded Reiselykke® Media in 2014 as an independent and creative one-woman company. Through my company I offer consultancy and editorial services within travel and culture.

However, I had already founded the award-winning travel blog reiselykke.no in 2011 (voted Norway's best travel blog in 2017).

Over the years, I have been regularly interviewed about travel and travel destinations in various media. See more about that here . I have also had assignments as a speaker, held writing courses and workshops

Sustainable travel and local culture

Ever since I started writing about travel, I have been concerned with the sustainable aspect of travel.

Exploring local culture, as well as food and wine has been a personal interest for many years. Both as a travel blogger, but also as a freelance travel journalist for some of Norway's largest media houses.

I have also tried to continue this path to the best of my ability in my travel guides.

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